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It was in Istanbul, Turkey that Madam Lola began her career as a DJ & Performer, and where she quickly gained traction as a staple amongst the festival and nightlife scenes, focusing primarily on the Techno and Psychedelic genres.

Madam Lola’s love of music transcends genres, and because she didn’t want to limit herself, she began embracing various styles of music and experimenting with different sounds. Now she enjoys playing different electronic music genres including Melodic House/Techno, Tech-house, and House.

She has had the opportunity to DJ and perform next to to amazing musical artists including Franky Wah, Shiba San, ARTBAT, Fisher, Rasi Z, DAVI and at festivals which include the Contact Winter Music Festival and Whistler Pride Festival..

Madam Lola is also one of the preeminent DJs who play Downtempo, Afro-House, and Organic music in the Vancouver nightlife scene.

Madam Lola is currently working on music production with the goal of soon releasing her first EP.

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